About Us

Who are we?

We are a Quality Assurance startup that embraces automation as the key to success. We are engineers that have acquired, with 15 years in the industry, a solid understanding of Quality Assurance Testing, software development processes and telecom network services, working for world class Telecommunications Companies, and now we are opening our ways with our new business offering.

From Córdoba Argentina, where the tech scene is thriving, our Argentine engineers have excellent educational backgrounds, diverse programming skills and the best level of English in Latin America, throw in cost-effective salaries and overlapping time zones, and you can say hola to the perfect QA outsourcing spot.

Interacting with the product key stakeholders, suppliers, partners, vendors, technical leads and integration teams, we can define the verification and software quality assurance methods that best fit your product needs

We collaborate with any multidisciplinary development teams, using agile methodologies and industry’s best practices.

About Us

As your allies, we can offer:

Solid knowledge of software development processes and Software business fundamentals.

Capacity to analyze and identify the critical, most prone to failure and most complex components in your software.

A critical eye to create, prioritize, tailor and execute test plans, requirements coverage mappings and test cases automation.

The understanding of the development team’s needs to collaborate with them to meet their continuous delivery commitments and product quality.

The security to interact with the key stakeholders, like suppliers, technical managers and integration teams, to define verification methods and software quality assurance.

“Let Testers manage your Testing. You are busy enough.”