QA Outsorcing

Highly skilled testers

A dedicated team of domain-qualified QA engineers takes charge of your quality assurance process, being responsible for the QA process management.

We perform end-to-end testing throughout the software development life cycle to ensure that all the modules of your solution function as designed from start to finish.

Outsource your software testing and we will staff and provide you with a full suite of quality testing tools and services to get the results you need.

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“Let Testers manage your Testing. You are busy enough.”

Testing: How do we do it?

Identifying your
testing needs

We can analyze your product and identify the critical components, the most susceptible to errors or the most complex or repetitive to test. Based on the results, we assign the testing priorities for each of them.

Planning, executing
and automating

Once the priorities have been identified, we create and optimize the test cases, analyze whether a manual or automated execution of them is required, and generate the execution test plans.

Performing requirements
coverage traceability

It should be verified that all the requirements are being tested by at least one test case. This will allow you to know the general health of the product with the results of the executions.