Testing Automation

We create, tailor and

Our test automation services include a wide set of testing components and tasks like test automation planning, tool selection, the construction and maintenance of a test automation framework and the design and maintenance of test cases and test plants that best suit your product needs.

Our dedicated test automation engineers use their experience to analyze your product, identifying the business critical, most prone to failure and most complex components in your software. Then, they create, tailor and execute the test plans, create the requirements mapping reports and automate the test cases.

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“Automation will allow humans become more human at work”

How do we do it?

Reviewing your processes and identifying any repetitive tasks or bottlenecks that can be eliminated or optimized with the use of automation.

Creating or tailoring your existing test plans and executing them.

Selecting a set of tools that best fit your testing needs.

Building up tailored automation framework.

Reduce costs while achieving more

Cut down your costs reusing in-sprint automation for E2E/regression testing and test optimization using advanced technology.