User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

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As your company is dealing with software suppliers you don’t need to build an inhouse software testing department to ensure that your are being delivered what you actually requested or need.

With vast experience in this area, our SMEs can plan, automate and execute the set of test cases necessary to ensure that the product that you are being delivered matches with what your company has paid for.

User Acceptance Testing, or UAT for short, is crucial for the successful launch or maintenance of any online platform. From mobile apps to full-scale ecommerce sites, UAT ensures that your platform is performing as expected and, as the name suggests, whether you can accept the finished product.

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Acceptance testing is performed when other tests, such as system and functionality tests, have already been completed. It represents the last stage of the testing process before a product is launched or re-launched.

A quicker way of
getting better results

Outsourcing UAT is a much quicker way of getting better results, as we can provide you with all the necessary testing roles and expertise.

You don’t have to learn testing tools and best practices if you don’t have the time to do so – you can leave it up to us. This will allow you to learn best practices and gain experience from experts, for you to eventually use these to build a better in-house testing team.

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“Don’t let software issues get in the way of your business goals.”


UAT helps demonstrate that required business functions are operating in a manner suited to real-world circumstances and usage.

As a result, UAT is concerned with both software performance and human behaviour. If the expected outcome is not achieved during acceptance testing, the item will be documented and sent back to the developers for repair. This process serves as a final check to ensure the finished product is well built and aligned with what has been requested and contracts have been fulfilled.

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